Compound graces explained | Bowing Down Home


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PM – Paul MacDonald

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

PM: Most times what you're actually dealing with is a grace note on a grace note, which is very tricky. That's what you're dealing with there. I've never really actually discussed this with anyone before amd I've never discussed it in my head either, but it's what it is and I know what you're hearing. It's a grace note upon a grace note. You have to put it into terms. You know what effect the grace note has on the primary note. So,the other has the same effect in proportion to the grace note. So, it's very small, it's just a hint. I'm trying to think of a tune. (demonstrates). It's something like that (demonstrates). That's what it would be. It's almost like a triplet, but it's (demonstrates) That's what you're doing in slow motion.(demonstrates)

KP: And how would the phrase continue from there?

Demonstrates Phrase

PM: Now, that originates from the bagpipes.