Farewell to Whiskey | Bowing Down Home

About this tune

This tune was originally composed as a slow air in the key of Bb, written to lament the banning of whiskey manufacture in Scotland by British authorities. It appears in the key of G (classified under "miscellaneous") in O'Neill's Music of Ireland. It was converted to reel tempo somewhere along the line and as such is widely played in the "Anglo-Celtic" world.

Notation for the version in the key of A played here by Cosmas Sigsworth is in The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island.

Tune Selections

MacDonald, Hilda MacPhee - Farewell to Whiskey Accompanied by: Ken Perlman, bjo
Northeast Kings
Sigsworth, Cosmas - Farewell to Whiskey Accompanied by: Dot MacCauley, gtr
Central Kings