Stewart, Bud | Bowing Down Home

Concert at Perrin's Landing; L-R: Urban Chaisson, gtr.; Bud Stewart, fiddle; Ivan Nicholson, mnd; John MacLeod, gtr


Bud Stewart

Style: Messer / Maritime

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Fiddler Facts:

Dates recorded: 26 Oct. 2006

Where recorded: Milltown Cross

Year of birth: 1936

Residence: Milltown Cross

Where raised: Caledonia

Occupation: worked for electronics company in Ontario

Accompanist at Recording Session: Urban Chaisson

Bud Stewart did not play violin as a youngster and there was no fiddle music in the house, but his mother played pump organ and he got some training on that instrument. He was a great fan of Don Messer’s fiddling, which he heard on the family radio and wind-up phonograph. As a teenager he attended most of the dances in the surrounding area. Some of the fiddlers who played for those dances were John Dan MacPherson, Attwood O’Connor, Archie Stewart, and Jack Webster.

Bud left the Island in 1954 to seek his fortune in Ontario. When he was in his 40s, he took fiddle lessons from from Elizabeth Townsend, the wife of fiddler Graham Townsend. He continued learning tunes on his own from sheet music, and also participated in a number of Ontario fiddle clubs.

When he returned to live on PEI several years ago, he helped fill a void left by the near disappearance of older-generation traditional fiddlers from Central and Southern Kings County. A few accompanists coalesced around him - Urban Chaisson and John MacLeod on guitars and Ivan Nicholson on mandolin – and together they often played at local ceilidhs, benefit concerts, and seniors’ homes.

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Country Waltz

Sheguiandah Bay Waltz


Tune Selections

Stewart, Bud - Country Waltz Accompanied by: Urban Chaisson
Messer / Maritime
Stewart, Bud - Sheguiandah Bay Waltz Accompanied by: Urban Chaisson
Messer / Maritime

Oral Histories

Stewart, Bud - Hall dances in Montague & South Kings the Beaver Club in Montegue and other Dance Halls of Southern Kings County in the 50s info and transcript

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