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Name Kind of tune Other Titles Composer
A-minor Reel reel not known
AArsenault Reel#1 reel not known
AMacDonald Jig 1 jig not known
AMacDonald Jig 2 jig not known
AMacdonald March 3 march not known
Acadian Breakdown reel not known
Acadian Reel reel Edward P Arsenault
Acadian Song vocal not known
Acrobat's Reel reel not known
Ainsley's Reel reel Jim MacDougall
Amacdonald Reel 4 reel not known
Andy Renwick's Ferret reel Gordon Lincoln
Andy's Jig jig Andy de Jarles
Angus Campbell reel James Scott Skinner, Scotland (1843-1927)
Angus Chisholm's Favorite reel not known
Angus' Store vocal Jenny O'Hanley McQuaid
Anna Is My Darling reel Annie Is My Darling not known
Anne MacQuarrie's Reel reel Donald Angus Beaton
Anne Marie MacDonald's Jig jig Joey Beaton
Apple Valley Breakdown reel King Gannum
Archie Menzies reel John Lowe, Scotland (c. 1770-1840)
Archie Stewart's Reel reel not known
Argyle Bowling Green reel not known
Arkansas Traveler Routine reel not known
Arrochar Bridge reel A High Bass Reel not known
Athole Brose strathspey not known
Athole Cummers, The strathspey Bog An Lochan not known
Atlantic Reel reel JP Cormier's Reel Richard Wood
Aunt Hilda's Waltz waltz not known
Aunt Rose's Reel reel Emmett Hughes