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Ivan Day (left) at John Gauthier interview, 2006


Ivan Day was a founding member of the Prince County Fiddlers. He now plays guitar almost entirely but in his youth he was once the only fiddler in and around Norboro, and hence in great demand to play for local house parties. Sometimes people in the area would be so eager to dance that they would roust musicians out of bed.

Day tells a great story about Jimmy Beairsto, the fiddling barber of Kensington.

An example of Day's fiddling recorded in 1968 by Ivan Bowness was recently contributed by Melissa Marie Morse to Bowing Down Home and is now featured on this page.

Tune Selections

Day, Ivan - Paddy on the Turnpike Accompanied by: Sylvia Day pno
Western Queens

Oral Histories

Day, Ivan (speech) - Beairsto, the fiddling barber Jimmy Beairsto the fiddling barber info and transcript
Rousting musicians out of bed Rousting the fiddler from bed to organize a party; "that was an all nighter" info and transcript