Annotated List of Fiddlers by Style | Bowing Down Home


Historical model: fiddler from past generations whose music was preserved only on family tapes or single-pressing discs.

True to Type: sound is relatively typical of the region

Old Guard (Northeast Kings County only): represents the pre-Cape Breton sound of the region

"Slow" Fiddler: specializes in playing set tunes and waltzes

Individual Stylist: sound seems to be relatively unique within the region

Hybrid Style: heavily influenced by external style

Amateur Player: no distinct regional style

Hard to Call: recorded materials are inconclusive

New Wave: developed their playing styles during PEI's fiddling revival

Kings County

Northeast Kings

Old Guard: Johnny Joe (& Phonsey) Chaisson, Hilda MacPhee MacDonald, Mary MacIntyre, George MacPhee, Teresa MacPhee Wilson

First Generation Cape Breton Influence: “Old Peter” Chaisson, Omer Cheverie, Joe Conway, Connie Gallant, Gus Longaphie, Charlie Sheehan

Second Generation Cape Breton Influence: Kenny Chaisson, Kevin Chaisson, “Young Peter” Chaisson, Fr. Charles Cheverie, Buddy Longaphie, Allan MacDonald, Francis MacDonald, Dan McPhee, Hughie McPhee

"Slow" Fiddlers: Wilfred Bernard, Stewart MacIntyre

Hybrid Style: Francis MacCormack (substantial mainstream Canadian influence)

New Wave: JJ Chaisson, Timothy Chaisson, Paul MacDonald, Ward MacDonald, Sheila MacKenzie

Central Kings

Historical Models: Hector MacDonald, Jack Webster

True to Type: Jimmy Banks, Reg Banks, Robert Crane, Harold Dockendorff, Hugh Gotell, Wilfred Gotell, Joe MacDonald, Herb MacDougall, Angus McPhee, Merlin Quinn, Cosmas Sigsworth, Carl Webster, Jackie Webster

Individual Stylist: Sterling Baker

"Slow" Fiddler: Reg Mellish

Amateur Player: Cecil Trainor

Piano Soloist: Rita MacDonald Morrison

South Kings

True to Type:: Joe Kearney, Attwood O’Connor, Archie Stewart

"Slow" Fiddlers: Cec Chapman, Jimmy O’Connor

Amateur Players: The Murray Harbour Six

Queens County

Eastern Queens

Historical Model: Earl Hughes, Lem Jay

True to Type (Southeastern Queens): Jimmy Halliday, Clarence MacLean, Danny MacLean, Johnny Morrissey, Elliott Wight

True to Type (Northeastern Queens): Emmett Hughes, Roland Jay, Bill Koughan

"Slow" Fiddler: Howard Hancock

Hybrid Style: Keith Nicholson (substantial mainstream Canadian influence)

Western Queens

True to Type: Leonard McDonald, Reuben Smith, Tony Smith, Dave Thomson, Stephen Toole

"Slow" Fiddler: Alvin Bernard

Hybrid Style: Fenner Myers (substantial mainstream Canadian influence), Roy Johnstone (many influences)

New Wave: Richard Wood

Piano Soloist: Judy Lowe

Prince County

Evangeline Coast / East Prince

Historical Model: Albin Arsenault, Delphine Arsenault, Jaddus Gallant

True to Type: Eddy Arsenault, Edward P Arsenault, Louise Arsenault, Peter Arsenault, Robert Arsenault, Toussaint Arsenault, Zélie-Anne Arsenault Poirier, Toussaint Arsenault, Ervan Sonier

New Wave: Marie Arsenault Livingstone, Anastasia Desroches

Mandolin Soloist: Ernie Gallant

West Prince

Historical Model: Russell Warren

True to Type: Joe Albert, Sidney Baglole, Jackie Biggar, Joseph Doucette, Pat Doucette, Victor Doucette, David Gaudet, Andrew Jones, Jim MacDougall, Dennis Pitre, Fred Richard, Elmer Robinson, Wilfred Silliker

"Slow" Fiddlers: Warren Leard, Harry Lecky, Ervin Rafferty

Hybrid Style: Alton Silliker (substantial “Maritime” influence)

Hard to Call: Leo Farrell (recorded when over 90), Frank O’Connor (not enough material)

New Wave: Keelan Wedge

Mandolin Soloist: Ralph Hardy

Messer / Maritime Players

True to Type: Gary Chipman, Peter Doiron, John Gauthier, Billy MacInnis Jr., Billy MacInnis Sr., Bud Stewart

Amateur Players: Mary Smith, Mary Smith & Friends

New Wave: Nathan Condon, Dannielle Ross, The Ross Family Band