Evangeline Coast/East Prince | Bowing Down Home

In 1991-92 most fiddlers from this region played a style that was somewhat quicker, rougher, sparser and less syncopated than that of West Prince fiddlers. That said, the predominant fiddler in this region during the second half of twentieth century was Eddy Arsenault of St. Chrysostom, whose elegant, soaring style incorporated many elements that typified Cape Breton fiddling without sacrificing rhythmic drive or locally favored dance accents. The style of this region has recently been in flux, as the fiddling approach has grown increasingly syncopated and new wave players increasingly look to francophone regions in neighboring provinces for inspiration.


Historical Model: fiddler from past generations whose music was preserved on tape

True to Type: sound is relatively typical of the region

New Wave: developed their playing styles during PEI's fiddling revival

Evangeline Coast / East Prince Fiddlers by Style

Historical Model: Albin Arsenault, Delphine Arsenault, Jaddus Gallant

True to Type: Eddy Arsenault, Edward P Arsenault, Louise Arsenault, Peter Arsenault, Robert Arsenault, Toussaint Arsenault, Zélie-Anne Arsenault Poirier, Toussaint Arsenault, Ervan Sonier

New Wave: Marie Arsenault Livingstone, Anastasia Desroches

Mandolin Soloist: Ernie Gallant