Longaphie, Buddy | Bowing Down Home

Buddy Longaphie, 1991


Buddy Longaphie is known for his strong, hard driving, energetic style of playing. He has been a regular performer at the Rollo Bay Scottish Fiddle Festival, the Monticello Ceilidh, and other concerts and variety shows in the eastern quadrant of Kings County. He has often joined in with the Eastern Kings Fiddlers for their ensemble stage performances.

Among the fiddlers in Buddy Longaphie’s family were his grandfather William, his uncle A.L., and his father Gus Longaphie. Buddy notes that his father often played fiddle at home, and that fiddlers such as Connie Gallant and JD MacAdam would often come by the house for musical evenings. Until very recently, it was always the custom at such events for one fiddler to play at a time while the rest listened. Generally, the active fiddler would occupy a designated chair placed next to the piano or pump organ. As Buddy puts it,“The chair was never vacant too long. If there was fiddlers around, it was never vacant.”

Buddy started playing at about age 8. He got a few pointers from his father, then continued learning on his own. Due in large part to the consistent exposure provided by the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival, he has developed a deep interest over the years in the Cape Breton repertoire and fiddling style.

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