Tarbolton Lodge | Bowing Down Home

About this tune

The lodge referred to in the title is a Masonic lodge (chapter of the local order of Freemasonry). The tune appears under this title in The Athole Collection and in Kerr's Merry Melodies; it is entitled "Hatton Burn" in The Skye Collection.  It was recorded in the 1930s as The Tarbolton by Sligo fiddler Michael Coleman, and since then that has been the name most used for the tune in the Irish tradition. Some fiddlers in northeastern Kings County call the tune "Calum Bridge"; some fiddlers from southern Kings County call it "Paddy in the Cornfield."

Notation for the version played here by George MacPhee is in The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island.masonic

Tune Selections

Chaisson, Kevin - Haughs of Cromdale / Tarbolton Lodge / Nine Point Coggie / Burnt Leg / Little Jack's Reel / Mrs. J Forbes Accompanied by: "Young Peter" Chaisson, gtr
Northeast Kings
MacDougall, Jim - Tarbolton Lodge Accompanied by: Darlene Harding, pno; Peter Robinson, bass
West Prince