Central Kings | Bowing Down Home

Fiddlers from this area often favor tunes from the Scottish and Cape Breton repertoire, but usually play them in a relatively "straight-ahead" non-ornamented style with few cuts and snaps. Comparing modern Central Kings players with recordings of two available historical models (Hector MacDonald and Jack Webster) seems to indicate a decline in distinctive local flavor.


Historical model: fiddler from past generations whose music was preserved only on family tapes or single-pressing discs.

True to Type: sound is relatively typical of the region

Individual Stylist: sound seems to be unique within the region

"Slow" Fiddler: specializes in playing set tunes and waltzes

Amateur Player: no distinct regional style

Central Kings Fiddlers by Style

Historical Models: Hector MacDonald, Jack Webster

True to Type: Jimmy Banks, Reg Banks, Robert Crane, Harold Dockendorff, Hugh Gotell, Wilfred Gotell, Joe MacDonald, Herb MacDougall, Angus McPhee, Merlin Quinn, Cosmas Sigsworth, Carl Webster, Jackie Webster

Individual Stylist: Sterling Baker

"Slow" Fiddler: Reg Mellish

Amateur Player: Cecil Trainor

Piano Soloist: Rita MacDonald Morrison