Bruce, Stanley | Bowing Down Home

Attwood O'Connor & Accompanist Stanley Bruce, 1991


Stanley Bruce took up guitar at the age of 18. His future brother-in-law, Mac MacKinnon showed him his first chords, then he continued learning on his own. Once it became known that he could play, it wasn’t long before he was pressed into service by local fiddlers as an accompanist. He played regularly with Archie Stewart for a while, and then beginning around 1960, he played for decades in a trio with MacKinnon and fiddler Attwood O’Connor (for a while, they named themselves the Buffalo Boys after a nearby attraction called the Buffalo Ranch).

Also a skilled vocalist, Bruce presents a demonstration of jigging (mouth music), offering as an example the tune Old Man & Old Woman. This performance is preceded by Bruce and O’Connor discussing the prevalence of jigging in the old days.

Bruce was also highly active in Island politics; in 1991-2 he was in fact representing the 4th Kings County Riding as an MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly).

Oral Histories

Jigging demo: Old Man & Old Woman dialog between Bruce and O'Connor; Bruce then offers example: "The Old Man & the Old Woman" info and transcript

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