Western Queens | Bowing Down Home

Western Queens fiddlers tend to play a style that most blends the characteristics of east and west. They incorporate some “Scot​tish” elements into their playing, but their music also tends to have a bit of the French "twang" to it.


True to Type: sound is relatively typical of the region

"Slow" Fiddler: specializes in playing set tunes and waltzes

Hybrid Style - heavily influenced by external style

New Wave: developed their playing styles during PEI's fiddling revival

Western Queens Fiddlers by Style

True to Type: Ivan Day, Leonard McDonald, Reuben Smith, Tony Smith, Dave Thomson, Stephen Toole

"Slow" Fiddler: Alvin Bernard

Hybrid Style: Fenner Myers (substantial mainstream Canadian influence), Roy Johnstone (many influences)

New Wave: Richard Wood

Piano Soloist: Judy Lowe