South Kings | Bowing Down Home

At one time nearly every cluster of districts on PEI was the seat of its own distinct sub-style. The South Kings sound seems to be one such stylistic pocket that survived into the modern era. South Kings fiddlers play a shuffling, lilting style that seems reminiscent of 1920s-era recordings of fiddlers from the American South. Relative to their Northeast Kings counterparts, their tempos are faster, they have a more rolling style of bow​ing, and they use less ornamentation, cuts, and snaps.


True to Type: sound is relatively typical of the region

"Slow" Fiddler: specializes in playing set tunes and waltzes

Amateur Player: no distinct regional style

South Kings Fiddlers by Style

True to Type:: Joe Kearney, Attwood O’Connor, Archie Stewart

"Slow" Fiddlers: Cec Chapman, Jimmy O’Connor

Amateur Players: The Murray Harbour Six