MacDonald, Hilda MacPhee - Recalls the old eight-handers | Bowing Down Home


File: macdonaldhilda-oh-breakdowns_M.mp3


HM – Hilda MacPhee MacDonald

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

GM – George MacPhee (Hilda’s nephew)

HM: I forgot all those old tunes: not all of them, but I forgot a lot of them.

KP: Uh-huh.

HM: Can't play them at all anymore: but real good, you know, dancin' music, breakdown music, they used to call it. Breakdowns, you must of saw them danced, did you?

KP: I've never seen one danced.

HM: Didn’t you?

KP: What are they like?

HM: Well, they'd go around and step dance and change around there, yeah. Yeah, they were great.

KP: (to George) Have you ever seen one danced?

HM: Jigs and reels.

KP: Jigs and reels?

HM: Yeah. Play the jig and then played the reel. But they went around different in each – The jig, they kinda went back and forth and step danced. Then the reel, they'd go round more, you know. Don't dance them anymore here. No, I don't think so.

KP: You ever seen one danced, George?

GM: Years ago, yeah.

HM: Oh yes of course, he must have.