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EH – Emmett Hughes

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

EH: Back then all the weddings were at home, and it was a big deal. The weddin' part was an odd time in the house too, but most of the time it was in the church. But then when the weddin' was over you went back to the bride's house, and it'd be perhaps 11:00 in the day when they’d take pictures and things. And perhaps at 12:00 the dinner would be ready. And at that time there’d be - I'd say 20 was the most you could seat. But see you took the whole afternoon then for to feed all the crowd; there'd be 100 to 200 at them, and 20 at a time, it'd take B And nearly every table took close to an hour, cause there was speeches and everything else at it, and pictures taken at the table, too. But the big thing then was the night thing, and they lasted as long as the liquor lasted (laughs). They didn’t stay around long after that. But mostly they stayed till the liquor was gone.

KP What would happen at night?

EH: Dances straight ahead, in one part of the house they'd be dancin’. In the other part they'd be eatin'. In the summertime, some of them they'd build a tent outside, dance outside, and eat in the house. I played for an awful lot of weddin's I guess.