Jimmy Beairsto the fiddling barber | Bowing Down Home


File: bernardalvin-oh-jimmybearisto.mp3


AB – Alvin Bernard

ES – Edwin Simmons

KP – curator Ken Perlman

AB:He used to cut hair there in Kensington and he played the fiddle. And every time you'd go in there, ther'd be a fiddler in there playin eh; great place for music, eh. People used to go in there and sit down and listen to the music. Jimmy'd get your hair half cut and think of a tune, "Did you ever hear this tune?" And he'd leave you and go and play the tune eh! He'd do that quite often! There used to be lots of music in there at one time. Lots of good fiddlers they'd go in there, and play and get their hair cut. (laughs)

KP: Did he ever forget about somebody entirely?

ES: No they would eventually get it done. Sometimes there was a wait. (laughs) They never seemed to mind. I never heard anybody complain.