Wight, Elliott - Playing at wedding showers | Bowing Down Home


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EW – Elliott Wight

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

KP And were there house parties in [your area]?

EW A lot. They call 'em around here "country showers". If a girl's getting married, they'd always have a shower. It's called a shower. We played tons of them.

KP Is that here in Charlottetown?

EW Well, it's not so much in Charlottetown: out in the country more, in the rural areas. And you go probably at their house or maybe at the Community Hall, and like we used to play for tons of them

KP Could you describe what a country shower is like?

EW Well, yeah. What people in the community do like – I guess it's just to help out, they do it for everyone, they just don't do it for certain ones. They do it for anybody in the community that's getting married. And they probably used to have a shower and everybody would come and bring a small gift, and they used to hire us to come to play. We used to probably get - I don't know [if it was] too much you Judy, as Mel - There was a guy and I played, just the two of us. That was really before we had any sound system. And we'd probably get $5.00 apiece to play at the shower. They'd give them the gifts and then there's a lunch and then they'd have a couple of dances. And that's called a country shower.

KP What time would you usually get there and start playing?

EW Nine o'clock probably till about twelve.

KP And what went on while you were there?

EW The first thing that went on was they got the bride to come up on the stage and sit in this chair all decorated and some of her friends there would read off the gifts and the cards, and the envelopes - Some would be gifts, and some would be money. That'd take probably an hour. That's the shower part of it. So, after that then they'd have a dance, like . While they were getting lunch, we'd be playing for a couple of square dances. We only had square dances them days, like there's no other kind of dances.