New Generation players’ styles | Bowing Down Home


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CW: They play good, they get them yellin' and goin'.

MQ: They actually play real fast. You can put better time on it by slowin' down.

CW: You can put better time and you can get your notes in better than goin' fast. And you usally have a different beat, a slower beat than a lot of the young fiddlers that I heard.

MQ: There’s something about it, when you're sittin back listenin' that high speed is OK, but if you're tryin to dance it's really a little too fast – Even to listen to, sometimes you can see where they're losin’ some of the music

CW: They're not puttin' it all in.

MQ I can see that in some of the kids that are playin. They've done so well and they've been promoted so much that they know they're good, and they may get a little bit over the speed, and sometimes you can lose a little if you get going too fast.

KP: What do you mean Carl by “not puttin it all in”?

CW: They'd have a lot of it, but they'd make up a bit up, a different tune, it doesn't, not the way it's played, it's wrote, like you know. And they'd put their own in B Sounds good, tho'.

MQ: They do get a little carried away sometimes when it’s going real well and everybody’s clappin’. They go like Hell, fast.

KP: A lot of the fiddlers used to talk about – That it was the custom not to put yourself forward in the old days. And that young people were taught that even though they had a talent, they shouldn’t make too much of it and remain humble.

MQ: They’d say, we’re still learning. They didn’t …

CW: Never say you were a good fiddler if you were a half decent fiddler. They’d say, “No I can’t play that good.”

MQ: I’d hear some of them that were real good and they’d say “No, I can’t play at all.” You can get your head swelled a little. See, if you got girls on the stage, especially young girls – Even the girls themselves or the women back in the audience, you see pretty girls on the stage that's somethin' that we all like. And if they're playin, they can't do anything wrong. Because' they're pretty, and they're doin good (laughs) And if they have a short dress on, all the better! (Laughs). That's all fine for those old fellers. You'd think we wouldn't notice anything like that (laughs).