Demo: Tunes to accompany a Lancers | Bowing Down Home


File: stewartarchie-oh-playingforset_M.mp3


AS – Archie Stewart

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

AS There was a certain beat of music for each section [figure] of that set. Like when you started first, you wanted a fairly slow beat, because it was a slow back and forth. Then, for the second part, you wanted a good lively tune. And then for the third part you wanted something like a jig, something you could march to, around. And then for the last part, for the Grand Chain, that was a good fast tune.

KP Could you give us an example of what you would play for the four figures of the dance?

AS Yes, I could. See, a lot of those old fellows, like in the Grand Chain, when they got a couple of drinks in them they wanted to step dance, along right in the set, so you'd want to play something good and fast for them. If I was going to play for a set now, probably the first tune I'd play'd be this.

Stewart plays: My Love is But a Lassie Yet

AS And for the second part of the set I'd play:

Stewart plays: The Old Man And the Old Woman

[He calls it The Christmas Rum]

AS And for the third part of the set I'd play

Stewart plays: Kingdom Comin [AKA: Year of Jubilo]

AS And then for the last part, any fast piece.

Stewart plays: Princess Reel

KP The Princess Reel.

AS The Princess Reel, or any of those good old tunes, good fast tunes.