Arriving fiddler is lionized | Bowing Down Home


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ES And then again, there was nothing till the fiddler arrived. And they used to hit them with the -- hit the strings with the knittin’ needles. Remember them on the fiddle. Keep time with the knittin needles.

KP That's like fiddle sticks.

ES Yeah, just like the two knitting needles. And they'd hit on the strings, keep time.

KP Who would do that?

ES Just anybody who had timing -- you know, good time, kinda liven the thing up. But it goes back to what we said a while ago – A fiddle you know. I can remember – You'd get there and my gosh as soon as you get in the house it's the same as Santa Claus came in with a bunch of toys: the fella with the fiddle. Nothing happened till he got there. And then move the stove and kick the chairs all to one side or outside or somewheres, and then start the dance. And then of course, make sure you got something for the fiddler. He's got to be fed.