"I'd save to say it's a bad instrument” | Bowing Down Home


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ES – Ervan Sonier

ES: But I always got a kick - And this was a true story, I think – Getting back to the fiddle being the devil's instrument. I remember Guy Buolter, a terrific fiddler from up west. And they were going to get Guy. So this afternoon somebody's there with some shine, "Come on Guy we're goin, we're going to have a party." So he takes off. Now the woman's at the door and she yells, "Guy," she said, "you're leaving with the fiddle again?" "Yes." And she said, "You know there's not a stick of wood cut about the place?" "Christ, woman," he said "I'm taking the fiddle, not the ax!" (laughter). So, it was a bad instrument. I'd have to say it was a bad instrument. I'd have to say it. There's many’s a story about the fiddle.