Rafferty’s wedding | Bowing Down Home


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ER – Ervan Rafferty

ER: Weddings, there was always music at weddings. And if you were lucky enough to get a violin player that wasn't too far away, he was in great demand, because there wasn't that many violin players like there are today. Back then I know when we were married we had to go to a place called Mount Pleasant, and that's from here probably five mile, and you'd have to get him, and he'd have to come in a horse and sleigh if you were married in the winter time, or a wagon in the summer. And they'd come, and if you were lucky enough to get a guitar player in the community to [provide] accompaniment for him, otherwise you just kept the violin player. But that was like an orchestra then as far as we were concerned, if you were lucky enough to get a violin player. And that was a must of course when you were gettin' married, you had to make sure that was going to happen, that he was going to be there. And Elmer Robinson down there, he was in great demand for those weddings. And I know he was at a lot of them, because I remember my wife's father Frank Kelly tellin' him, he said to him, “You married a lot of them with that fiddle, didn't you!” And he said, “Yeah, and as far as I know they're all together, yet!” (laughs). So that just goes to show he was a pretty popular man! I had to go to Elmer to get him to come to our wedding. And Elmer came, and stayed through the evening till the music and the party and everything was ended. We were fortunate to get him, because right after the war there was a lot of soldiers comin' home that were getting married at that time. And he was about the only musician around at that time that was close, that was available; and he was kept pretty busy.