Basket socials | Bowing Down Home


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ER – Ervan Rafferty

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

ER: They had basket socials back then, you know basket socials. They’d have sort of a get together. But it was mostly a card game if I remember right. The boys would be expected to buy this basket of fancy food that the girl brought, and the idea was, you're going to bet against me or vice versa. Cause you get to sit to with this girl to eat this here lunch. And to make it profitable, they'd bet against each other. This is what happens. And it was quite profitable that way, and especially if you were talkin' to somebody's intended wife. It made it pretty expensive if he followed it up, and most of them did, as far as they could back then.

KP: And would there be a dance as part of this?

ER: There'd be something after, it'd be short. By the time the card game was over it'd be pretty well on in the evening then. But there's always somebody there with a fiddle. And of course once that started, they didn't pay much attention to the time then.