Pitre, Dennis - Step-dancing at fishing harbor | Bowing Down Home


File: pitredennis-oh-stepdancing_M.mp3


DP – Dennis Pitre

VD – Vincent Doucette

VD: In the olden days, too, well we're not that old (laughs), but I remember if you were at the harbour on Saturday afternoon after everybody was all done fishing and stuff like that, one guy'd be jigging and the other fellow'd be step dancing, They'd keep it up a long while. That's the way they'd practice their steps.

DP: There'd be good step dancers. There were a lot of good stepdancers those days, really good. But then there'd be someplace where there was no fiddler so somebody had to jig for them, eh? Like they'd jig the tunes. They knew the tunes but they couldn't play them, but they knew it by ear. And the stepdancers would be just stepdancing on the wharf there, or anyplace.