Old-time weddings near Milltown Cross | Bowing Down Home


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AO – Attwood O’Connor

SB – Stanley Bruce

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

KP Can you describe how weddings went in this area?

AO It was all square dancing. After they'd get married they'd be comin home, and they'd have their big supper. There would be a table spread there for everybody.It depends on what time they got married. If it was in the morning, they had a dinner, and then they had dancin about 3:00, they'd have supper about 7. And my God you'd be eatin’ half the night. The table was set all the time, you got hungry, go eat. You'd dance there all night then: all square dancing. There’d be a big pot full of moonshine and a dipper in it to drink it out of. Everybody'd be into that

KP: Would the bride's family make the moonshine or would they go buy it somewhere?

AO: It could be almost anybody makin it. Sometimes they'd make it themselves, sometimes they'd buy it. It didn't cost very much them years if you had the money to buy it. It cost 50 cents a teddy.

KP: How big was a teddy?

AO: About the size of a…

SB: A pint, a beer bottle usually.