System of double stops explained | Bowing Down Home


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LM – Leonard McDonald

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

LM Well like I mean every area had its own – I have my own distinct style of playing. I learned to play the fiddle pretty much by myself, and I'll tell you I play a lot of chords because I had nobody to accompany me. You'd play alone, and you'd get all the notes in that you could, and all the double notes if you could. Do you notice when I'm playing, I'm hitting a lot of times two strings?

KP Yes. What do you mean by chords?

LM Well, there's chords on the fiddles, same as on anything else. (Demonstrates) There's a chord.

Demonstrates several double stops

KP (Summary) Where would you use them?

LM Well anywhere they would suit.

KP Could you show us and slow it down?

LM Like in St Anne's Reel

Demonstrates use of “chords” (double stops) in St Anne's Reel