Learning tunes in the lumberwoods | Bowing Down Home


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DM – Danny MacLean

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

DOM – Donny MacLean (Danny’s son)

DM: But I did learn tunes in the lumber woods. That's mostly where I did learn them. I spent a lot of time in the lumber woods.

KP: How many years were you there?

DM: I left home when I was 14.

KP: What year were you born in?

DM: I was born in 1928

KP: You left home in 1942?

DM: I was in the lumber woods between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and up in Northern Quebec and them places there for a quite a few years.

KP: In the 1940's, then?

DM: Yeah

KP: So there were other lumber camps? Did you learn tunes in these other camps as well?

DM: Oh yeah. I learned tunes, but whether I can remember them now is another thing.

DOM: He played with the Bunkhouse Boys.

DM: Yeah, I played with the Bunkhouse Boys for a while.

KP: What's that.

DOM: That was a band. Where was that in New Brunswick?

DM: Yeah. That would drive you crazy that would. I would go 200 miles in one night and play some place, and then you'd have to drive all the way back and go to work next day. It was just too much.