MacLean, Danny - House parties around Garfield | Bowing Down Home


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DM – Danny MacLean

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

KP: How often would they be having house parties in the Eldon area when you were growing up?

DM: Well there was pretty near always a party somewhere pretty near every night.

KP: Pretty near every night?

DM: Yeah.

KP: Is that summer and winter?

DM: Yeah oh, yeah. Like in the wintertime especially. It was in the wintertime especially. But now take up in Iona there.

KP: Yeah?

DM: I used to play for parties up there, here and there and everywhere. Well I'd pretty near go every night. But I quit that too. They had their own liquor you know, and they made it I guess, and I'd get drinking too much. Sometimes I wouldn't make it all the way home. But I – We used to play for them. But they just had a party just to have a party. There was no special occasion or nothing. They'd get together and they'd have lots of food, and stuff like that, and they'd have the liquor, and they'd have a house dance in their own house. And then the next time they’d be in another house, you know. But they were all over, like you know all over the place up there. And then of course then they had the dance hall in Iona. And then they had the school in Iona. That was another one, they had them there.

KP: Those were to benefit the school, were they?

DM: Yeah, mostly yes The other was for the church, at the hall; it was for the church, for the Catholic Church you know.