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PM – Paul MacDonald

PM: Recently I was up to Richmond, the Richmond MacKinnon Festival [the Richmond Scottish Music & Dance Festival], and watched Jerry Holland play, of course. I've seen Jerry play many times, and I guess it's getting older and stuff and being a little bit more critical, I sat back and started really studying what he was doing for about an hour and comparing it to myself, seeing what he was doing that I wasn't, or whatever, vice versa. One thing I noticed with Jerry is – When you read quotes form Jerry, he says slurs play a big aspect of my music: and that's a few notes on one bow stroke. When I watched Jerry play, however, there's so few slurs it's almost hard to believe. He uses fewer slurs, I believe, than any other fiddler I've seen at his level. Now, I got looking it over, but it still sounds so smooth and so fluent and stuff. The reason is, he's putting the slurs in exactly the right places, okay? And that's the difference. That kind of sets the big boys form the little boys, I guess. But I noticed right off the bat, that's what was taking place, you know. And after that I've actually started working on that a bit more myself, you know, breaking it up a bit.