MacDonalds come to PEI | Bowing Down Home


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FM – Francis MacDonald

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

FM Yeah, we try to maintain a family tree back five generations, anyway.

KP How far back have you – Oh, you have traced it back five generations?

FM Yes, as far as I can trace back. That's when they immigrated to PEI here, when immigration...

KP And they came from the Highlands?

FM Uist. I think Uist; that's where our family...

KP Uist. U-I-S-T?

FM I don't know if it was South Uist, around that area somewhere, anyway.

KP And what was the name of your first ancestor on the Island?

FM I do believe it was Captain John MacDonald. He brought the first settlers here I think, our family anyway.

KP They were among the first settlers on the island?

FM Well we were, yes, we were, after the French came here. I think we were the first to come and then after that then the Irish came. The Irish came then a few years later, after that.

KP So when was it that Capt. John MacDonald came, about?

FM I'm not really that great: 17, the late…

KP The late 1700s?

FM Yeah, in that area.

KP And did your ancestors that far back play the violin?

FM It was handed down, yes.