Lowe, Judy (pno) - On Robert Weeks | Bowing Down Home


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JL – Judy Lowe

JL: My grandfather was Bob Weeks, and Bob was quite a good fiddler back in them times. He lived in Winsloe and he had a big family. He played around at dances in the community and other places. He was a cheese-maker by trade, that’s what he did for a living, and he worked at the Pure Milk Company. That was where he did all his cheese making. But did it up west as well, cause he came from up west. When I say up west, I mean Alberton, that's where the Weeks' came from. He went down to Boston to enter a fiddling contest. He had a mishap, a fiddle got lost. So he entered the step-dancing and won the cup. And as I understand it, it was for [a championship for] North America. As I understood it. Because he had a big silver cup sitting on the mantle at home, I remember a girl, going over there and there was this tall old silver cup sitting on the mantle. And that was his step-dancing cup he had won. I think granddaddy died about when I was about 10. But I don't remember a lot about him, although we went to grandma's every Sunday afternoon. That was what we did on Sunday afternoons, was go over to grandma’s. But granddaddy was always at work up at Pure Milk, so he'd be looking after the cheese.

KP: On Sunday?

JL: On Sunday, cause I guess he had to go in to make sure that everything was working right. And I remember him at my home sitting in the living room playing the fiddle, and he was talking to Dad at the same time. And not many fiddlers can do that, can talk and play fiddle. But apparently he could ‘cause I remember him doing that. And so I never seen granddaddy and I never heard him play a lot heard him play a lot, but I know there was one piece of music that my Mom used to say he played a lot was Kitty Corlene. And that was one of the tunes that he used to like to play.

KP: How would you describe your grandfather’s playing style?

JL: I’d have to say that maybe it was a bit like Eddy Arsenault, maybe that kind of a lilt to it, like Eddy has – Very full, flowing, yeah.