Jones, Andrew - Changing tunes to suit the dancers | Bowing Down Home


File: jonesandrew-oh-steannechanges_M.mp3


AJ – Andrew Jones

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

KP That's a very nice version of that tune.

AJ Yeah? We used to play [it] the old way -- I mean when it was first written it was kind of a …

Jones demonstrates first bars of high turn of original Ste. Anne's Reel

AJ Something like that. So that didn't go very good with step dancing. So we kind of jigged it up a little bit to suit the step dancer. That's how we got it that way.

KP Could you play that once more and sort of show me some of the things that you did to change it?

Jones demonstrates local version of St Anne's Reel

KP Now, you said that "We changed it." Was that you and your friends who changed it?

AJ Yeah, amongst our friends – Kind of changed it to suit the step dancer.

KP How did that happen? Did one person say, You know this tune doesn't really work very well”?

AJ That's right. Somebody'd get up and dance and they'd get kinda mixed up. Because there was slow action into it, it mixed them up. So we'd get them to dance, we'd follow the step dancer. We'd jig it up according to his steps and we got it that way, so I guess that's the way we got it.

KP So you would follow with the bow what they were doing with the steps?

AJ Yes, yes, that's the way we got it.