Pressures from the clergy | Bowing Down Home


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RJ - Roland Jay

AM - Angus McPhee

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

KP Did you find that if someone could play the fiddle they were pretty much obligated to play at these events?

AM Yeah, I suppose so.

RJ They expected us to do it, And for free, too.

AM Yeh, I remember.

RJ Those school dances and school festivals, ice cream festivals...

AM They were having dances in the church hall, and of course some of us balked and didn't want to play. Well an awful card in the next Sunday after the altar boys. It was a gift from God and we were supposed to use it, no matter for who it was. (laughts) So we played after that.

KP Who was it that told you?

RJ and AM The priest (more laughter).

AM We were playing and then someone got hoofed or they rowed among themselves or something, and then they wouldn't play. He was tellin them they all played. That was his excuse. He said it was a gift from God and you were supposed to use it. Everybody didn't have it, so – Wasn't a very good idea not to do it if you could do it, so (laughs). We were doing it for nothing, of course.

RJ Yeah.