Step dancing in the old days | Bowing Down Home


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LH – Libby Hubley

LH: I think when the men danced, it was only those who had that love and great feel for the music, the music just moved them to do those different little patterns with their feet. And the patterns you do are so closely controlled by the music, it's such a marriage of music and movement. We don't interpret the music like perhaps in – Ballet would be the other end of the scale, not always do you move in time with the music. But with fiddle music that feeling, that beat, or that rhythm that comes out of the music it just strikes a chord in you and then the little patterns that your feet do are so in keeping with the music, and I think that is most beautifully done by a natural dancer. When you were talking about the men -Because what they did – is they interpreted a high turn and a low turn. Well that low turn they would have the footwork that would interpret that. In other words, you could almost see the music when you watched them dance. Then the high turn would come and they would perhaps have a little higher step or a little something comical in it, and again it just brought the whole thing to life. And to watch the dancer it just brings the music to life. I mean I know that the music is there but – to watch a good step dancer it’s just something that sends chills up my spine (laughs).