Band paid in ducks, not bucks. | Bowing Down Home


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WG – Wilfred Gotell

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

WG Only one time I had resentment. I played down in Murray Harbor, a group of us; poor Fred [McCullough] was with us. There was four or us, no five of us, and we had to hire a car. The fee was $21, that's what we charged. It was an ice cream social down in the United Church in Murray Harbor. And there was an outside platform built for the musicians to play. It was a foggy, damp night and I don't know if you were ever used to playing out in the dampness – What would happen, your strings would slacken or they'd break. And the guitars were popping strings. I broke two or three that just let go. Made kind of a hectic night, anyway. But after the thing was over we went to get paid. And what I got was two ‘Scovy [Muscovy] ducks in a crate. That's what we got paid for that night.

KP Ducks?

WG Live ducks! The worse thing, the guy that took us down, we had to have the money to pay him, and I don't think there was a one of us had a cent in our pocket, and there we were with two ducks and couldn't pay the driver (laughs) - Old ‘Scovy ducks, and here they had a big top knot on them.We did get back with them a few days after. Well, we had to. The fellow drove us down again, that was the only way he was going to get his money. I went to one of the head elders of the church, and he took the ducks back, and gave us the money. But we didn't have much to split because we had to pay the fellow two ways, pay him double. No, I never made any fortune with the fiddle, that's for sure.