Virtues of restraint | Bowing Down Home


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LF – Leo Farrell

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

LF: There was lots of liquor on the Island, but no bars like there is today.

KP: I understand there was prohibition for a long time.

LF: Prohibition, yeah. They had bootleggers, you'd get a dollar and a half for a teddy of rum. It was six or eight ounces, a teddy of rum. I never drank a whole lot. I never drank very much. I always had a car to drive, eh. My father told me, “If you wreck the…” Cause he know I played the fiddle, see and he’d know they'd treat the fiddler [to drinks] see. He said ,“if you wreck the car with your damn foolish drinkin' don't come back for another one.” And I never B Oh, if you come up and give me a drink, I might take a drink in the first part of the evenin'. That's it. Now if you come back, some of ‘em come back - Like I played up in Portage, this feller gave me a drink. One drink, that’s all I’d ever take. He come back half loaded, eh. “Have another drink. I said, “No thanks, I had one.” “Come on have another one.” “No thanks.” “What the hell's wrong with you, can't you have another drink.” I said, “No, I can't.” I said, “Listen you want to dance?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “I can't play the fiddle if I drink too much, and I [already] had a drink with you, that's good.” He said, “Go ahead you're doin' fine,” and he went back down. But if you told him “Get the hell down, don't bother me,” he'd be mad at you cause he was right tuned to get mad, you see.