Step-dancers shake the house | Bowing Down Home


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PD – Peter Doiron

KP – Ken Perlman

PD Our house if you can imagine it, is a very small hut, or bungalow I suppose you'd call it, -- a very small place but it would literally be filled with people from the village or surrounding areas just coming in to listen. That little extra entertainment that they didn't have, and of course, when anybody that had the ability to play the fiddle would come down, they'd sort of head for our house.

KP Do you remember some other fellows who came to the house?

PD There was a Stephen Marshall at the time. He was probably one of the best stepdancers on PEI at the time because he used to go to contests and win. Several contests he did win, stepdancing. He was one of the main characters that I remember because he ws a kind of a showy sort of a chap. A lot of stepdancers, they always tried to -- whether they were competing against each other or not I don't know, but they all seemed to do very well. But I remember the floors in the old house would be just sagging as they were dancing. You could see the floors go this way, not to a great extent, but you'd see them bouncing. It was something we looked forward to three or four times a week.