Founding of Prince County Fiddlers | Bowing Down Home


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PD - Peter Doiron

KP Curator Ken Perlman

KP: Were you in on the Prince County Fiddlers right from the beginning?

PD Prince County, yes. We had out little meeting in a barber shop here when we first decided to join, and I was one of the first people in on the first meeting. [It was] about 1977 I guess, or '78, in those years that we organized here. And one of the foremost is our musical director that probably could give you more detailed information on the Prince County Fiddlers, is John Gauthier, a former major with the Air Force out here. He has a great deal of information. He lives in Belmont, which is about 12 miles west of here.

KP What's the emphasis at Prince County?

PD The Emphasis here is on preciseness as a group might play together instead of trying to play your own individual style. We stick to a pattern of music, and everybody plays it fairly well. I do a bit of harmony with the group. They play a piece, and if it harmonizes well, I will throw in a bit of harmony. I've enjoyed playing with the Prince County group as a member. The fiddlers in our group now are aging to a point, not say to the point that they're going to die tomorrow, but we have about three or four younger ones that are coming in our group, so it's not going to necessarily die off unless they want it to die off. And we're very closely associated with Libby Hubly and her dancers. So together when we put on a concert, we usually put on a concert with the dancers and the fiddlers, which makes it a little more appealing to the audience.