Dockendorff, Harold - Escaping the dance | Bowing Down Home


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HD: Harold Dockendorff

HD: One night my brother and I were playing at a school dance. It got pretty wild. So it was time to go home and it was after one o'clock. I had to go outside, pretend I had to go outside for other reasons. There was an open window B it was in the summer time, so he handed the instruments out the window to me and then we ducked off. And we were just driving out of the yard when they realized we were leaving (laughs). And some of them gave chase, tryin' to catch up the car (laughs). We played for a lot of money; we got a dollar and a half each, all night for a dollar and a half. Now at that time, gas was probably 35 or 40 cents a gallon, so it kept gas in the old car, kept us going.