Day, Ivan (speech) - Beairsto, the fiddling barber | Bowing Down Home


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ID – Ivan Day

JG – John Gauthier

KP – Speaker Ken Perlman

ID: I was in the insurance business at the last of it, and I used to get around, and I'd drop into Jimmy's for a few minutes.

KP: Into his shop?

ID: Into his shop, and he'd be cuttin' hair. And I went in one day and B I didn't go in very often that Jimmy didn't have a new tune for me. “I had a dream the other night and I thought of an old tune.” And he'd want to play it for you. So this day I went in and I was in a hurry. And he was cuttin' this old fellow's hair. And Jimmy told me, “I had to get up out of bed and put the tune on the fingerboard just to make sure I'd remember it.” So he said, “I'm gonna play it for you.” I said, “Not today Jimmy, I'm in a hurry.” “No, no you just wait a minute.” So he turned the old fellow in the chair around, and the old fellow facing the back of the barber shop, with this shawl still around his shoulders. And Jimmy opened up the back of the shop, and he went and got the fiddle and he played the tune for me. And I seen the old feller sittin in the chair and he'd turn the head this way trying to look to see what was going on behind him. Jimmy was behind him playing the fiddle for me. And the old fellow, Jimmy didn't think about him at all. He forgot all about him, he was more interested in playin that tune for me. Jimmy Bearisto was one of the finest fellows that you ever met. That’s all I could say. He was fun to be with and he enjoyed being with younger people.

JG: And a heart of gold.

ID: And a heart of gold. He could hear tunes, he heard notes I didn't hear at all. I remember playing guitar with him, he'd dig me in the ribs with the bow. “Jesus Ivan,”he said,” Get the chord for this note here.” He'd be diggin' the bow into me ribs. “This note here!” Dig the ribs. “This note here.” Of course at that time I didn't even know a minor chord; I never knew much about minor chords till I met John [Gauthier]. But Jimmy knew them.