Rousting musicians out of bed | Bowing Down Home


File: dayivan06-oh-findingthefiddler_M.mp3

ID – Ivan Day

JG – John Gauthier

ID: I remember there was a party back in Frank Murphy's one night up in Norboro, and they come to me, got me out of bed at 10 or 10:30. They want to have a dance back there. A bunch of them got together and thought they should have a dance. I said I can't play for a dance alone. “Well, who can we get with you?” The closest one I knew was Bill Durant, Bill Durant played fiddle. I said, “You go get Bill Durant and I'll play guitar with him. This was at 10 o’clock at night. They left my place, went to Bill Durant's, got Bill, come back and said, “We got Bill.” I went with them and we got there 11:30 or midnight and we played till daylight. I remember when Bill was in the Home up here and I went to see him a while ago, a year or two ago, Bill was blind and I went in and I sat down and I told him who I was. And I said, “Bill, remember the night we played for the dance at Frank Murphy's. “Well I do,” he said, “that was an all-nighter, wasn't it!” he said. That’s what he called an all-nighter. So that was often done too. You suddenly took a notion, you went and got the fiddler. And lots of fiddlers, they got them out of bed same as they got me out of bed that night.

JG: Oh yeah, yeah.