Playing at a wedding | Bowing Down Home


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RC – Robert Crane

RC: A cousin of ours was home from the States, a whole bunch at the house, and a couple of jugs, and one feller had an old car he put it in the woods at home, [inaudible]. And he said, “Are you goin' to the dance in Lorne Valley.” And I said, “I don't know.” He said “I'll pick you up when I go.” I said, “Oh, OK.” So we took a jug of beer after we had a few horns, my father him and I. Jack was pretty tired after playing six nights, and I went up and I whispered to him and I said, “Jack would you like a drink of home made beer?” “God, dear, I'd love it!” So anyway, took him outside, and he took quite a few bangs of it. I said now, “You'll have to play for us now, Jack.” “God, dear, I'll play, I'll drive >er,” And Jack did drive the fiddle. And that's the story of Jack and the homemade beer (laughs).