Huestis, Lowell | Bowing Down Home


Lowell Huestis was host of a long running show on CJRW in Summerside called West Prince Party Line that featured amateur talent from all over Prince County. Many prominent Prince County fiddlers were recorded on reel to reel tape in the CJRW studios, and if they needed accompaniment, Huestis -- an accomplished piano player -- would provide it (unfortunately, most of these tapes were lost when the station was sold in the mid-1990s). Among the fiddlers who were featured on the show were Eddy Arsenault, Toussaint Arsenault, Sid Baglole, Lini Bolger, Andrew Jones, Elmer Robinson, Ervan Sonier, and Russel Warren.

He also led a touring ensemble for many years called the Lowell Huestis Orchestra; it started out as a 1940s-era pop combo, but for most engagements they brought along a fiddler to play for a couple of old time sets. Most often the fiddler they worked with was Russell Warren.

Huestis was friendly with most of the members of Don Messer’s and the Islanders. Among the stories they told him was one featuring an encounter between bassist Duke Neilson and a Rocky Mountain bear.

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