Joe Pete & his brothers learn on the sly | Bowing Down Home


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PC – “Young Peter” Chaisson

KC – Kevin Chaisson

KC But see the music got passed down. Like my grandmother on my father's side, I mean; she used to jig the tunes to my father when my grandpa would be away, because grandpa didn't want any of the boys in that family playing the fiddle. And the reason that was, because grampa used to be around playing for weddings, and when they'd be gone for, getting home when the sun'd be coming up in the morning – He just out and told 'em, he said “I don't want you fellas to see as many sunrises as I have.” And this is why he didn't want Daddy to play; he didn't want any of the boys to play. But my grandmother, she used to jig all those tunes. My grandmother was a MacIsaac and she'd jig tunes to my Uncle Peter and Daddy. Matter of fact if I'm not mistaken, my father was playing for a set before my grandfather even knew that he played the fiddle. It just was a no-no, eh. But when he seen that there was nothing he could do, he was playing the fiddle then. And everyone of them played: everyone of the boys played except one.

PC When he'd go to Souris for groceries, then the boys - It would be safe to take out the fiddle until they'd see him coming home again, and then the fiddle would go up under the bed upstairs in the bedroom (laughs).

KC But that was his reasonin behind it, which was quite valid. You could see his point in that.

PC Well of course, it was the fiddle and liquor, eh. The fiddle and liquor went together.