Joe Pete’s central role | Bowing Down Home


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KC – Kevin Chaisson

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

KP: Why was it that your family in particular took it upon itself to, almost single-handedly…

KC: Well, I wouldn't say that, just the thing is, I wish you had met my father, and that would answer all your questions. 'Cause he loved music, and it would be nothing for him – If you came to my father's place, 12,13.14 years ago, and you wanted to play all night, he'd sit there with you and play with you all night. It didn't make – He just loved the music. And, I guess it was there, and it just rubbed off on the rest of us, you know. And I mean it was kinda scary when – Like my father he started the lessons, eh? He got the classes going and – And I've been trying to fill his boots ever since. It was his love of the music, he just loved music, and that's the only thing that I can see that got the thing back on track again ‘Cause we all chipped in a little bit here and there, trying to keep the thing going. And fellows like Paul [MacDonald] ,they chip in and that's all it takes, eh? Nobody has to give a great big deal; if everybody does a little bit, great things can happen.

KP: It seems that there were many people on the Island who loved the music, but it was you guys who did something about it. Were you talking amongst yourselves about it, ten years ago, say after your Dad died?

KC: Well, I have to admit that was – Like I said my father got it started. And when my father passed away, it was a very sad day for our family. But I just couldn't leave things at that, eh. I mean you have to – You just couldn't let things lie like that. What he started, I figured we should continue. And we did, all our family, we all chipped in. And we had a great time doing it. That was the key part about it. It wasn't always a whole lot of work, just a lot of fun.