Influence of Barachois | Bowing Down Home


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HB: Albert, my brother and myself had decided one year that we wanted to write a dinner theater, which is a local comedy musical production given every summer, mostly for tourists. We auditioned some local people for it. We knew we wanted Louise who is a local fiddler.

KP: That’s Louise Arsenault.?

HB: Louise Aresenault yes. So Louise became part of the dinner theater. Then we needed a fourth person so we did auditions. And we auditioned a guy [Chuck Arsensault] who had just moved into the area to replace the music teacher. He had just come out of teaching, he had just finished his musical degree at University. And he was just replacing the local music teacher, just moved into the area, and he came to audition. He was very, kind of a spontaneous type of character who was up for anything. He was great doing any kind of comedy on the spot. He was confident enough that he would say, “Yeah, I can play any instrument.”(laughs). So he was in. So the four of us did dinner theatre. And you know sometimes there’s just a chemistry that happens that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Well that’s what happened with the four of us. So after the summer was over we decided to see where this would take us. My husband Grady Poe, he’s the one who had a vision that we could be a musical group maybe with a comedic flair. Which is the only way that we could justify our playing music. Cause we didn’t even consider ourselves - When you grow up with music I think, and you’ve never studied it, and it’s just part of you, you don’t really think of it as something that’s special. Anyway, in 25 words or less, we had a nine year, fine career out of it. We toured about 13 countries, we had a very successful traditional music career, and we just retired the band it will three years ago in December. Because in the mean time our families were growing, Albert was on the verge of wanting to start a family. And it was just time. We had just done it long enough and it was time to end and move on to other things.