Baglole, Sidney - Passing the hat | Bowing Down Home


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SB – Sid Baglole

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

SB: Oh, it was terrible in them days, terrible in them days. Oh, my goodness! There was no money (laughs). they used to pass the hat around, you know, to pay me,(laughs) Used to pass the hat around. Sometimes I'd get 50 cents, you know[laughs]. That's all there was. You used to take whatever was in the hat. That’s all you got! Them days the money was scarce, not like it is today.

KP: And how long would you have to play for that [amount of money]?

SB: Oh, goodness sakes. Them times they'd dance till 1, 2 o’clock in the morning.

KP And when would they start?

SB: They'd start at 8 o'clock

KP: So you would have played for 5 or 6 hours?

SB: Oh, yes, yes.

KP: Did that bother you at the time?

SB: No, no. I was young then, and I didn't mind it. No, I didn't mind it then, I was young.


SB: No she didn't dance, never danced

KP How did you meet your wife

SB: She was visiting . . . she was up there on a visit that time, I think . . . Up there visiting friends. That's how I met her, yeh.

KP: Was she from the Island?

SB: Yes, oh, yes.

KP: Where was she from?

SB: Bedeque . . .That's down here, Bedeque.

KP: What was her family name?

SB: Crossman.

KP: Crossman? We have Crossmans . . . Our landlord who we're renting from is a Crossman

SB: Oh yeah

KP: Could that be a relation of hers?

SB: I don't know. There's Crossmans in New Brunswick.

KP: Yuh

SB: Yuh . . . there are.

KP: I think he's originally . . . His name is Leverett Crossman. But you don't know tell of him?

SB: No

KP: Who are some fiddlers on the Island whose playing you really like?

SB: Oh, uh . . . There's a Dan MacCormick. He plays in here at the Parkview . . . But . . .

KP: That's someone we don't know. Could someone write that down?

SB: He's gone away now to visit his daughter out west . . . He took over after I left.. . Now he's gone out west. He's got a daughter out there . . . and, uh, they wanted me to fill in while he's gone.