Sticks to the way she learned | Bowing Down Home


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LA: So I mean, every fiddler is different, that's for sure, there's not one fiddler that plays the same as you. I would listen to Eddy Arsenault play and I would learn that tune, but I would play it a different way. And then all of a sudden I would listen to it again and I thought “Oh, no, gee, I learned it the wrong way.” But I would stick to the way that I played it anyways - pretty well the same basically, but I would make a few changes.

KP: Why is it that you would want to stick with it the way you had learned it originally?

LA: That's just the way I learned it. I thought that I had it the right way but then when I would listen to another fiddler, like we had a party, I thought “Geez, I thought I had it the way he was playing, but I don't have it at all.” But I just have my own way of playing tunes - pretty well the same as the others but there's always a difference in the way you play the tune.

KP: Is it a matter of pride for you to have your own way of playing tunes?

LA: No, it's just my way I guess. Like I say there's not two fiddlers the same, so I imagine that another fiddler would listen to my playing. They wouldn't probably play it the same way because they have their own style of playing.