Acadian syncopation explained | Bowing Down Home


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LA: Louise Arsenault

KP: Ken Perlman

LA: When you do the shuffle it’s like two up bows in a row.

KP: Can you take your fiddle and illustrate that

LA: I sure can, like with this one here.

Louise Illustrates “shuffles” for the tune Twin Sisters

KP: When I've watched this technique on video you see bow the going up and down just like normal, but you only hear the two upstrokes.

LA: Right

KP: So what’s happening, it seems like that second downstroke…

LA: You don't play it!

KP: Right. Like you're moving [the bow], but you don't [play those notes]

LA: See, so you wouldn't do the note in between. You would silence it.

KP: But how do you silence it? Do you just release pressure on the bow? You're sort of relaxing the bow and letting it slide down.

LA: Exactly. Yeah. You hear it a little bit at times.

LA: How would I put it?. Because of my style of playing this is what I really, really want to hear when I teach a student I want to hear that, and then it's, “Wow, they're playing my style; I love it.” So that's why I wanted to teach it, to teach first of call ‘cause that was Dad's style.