Great Fiddler Tales | Bowing Down Home

In the old days, just about every community on PEI had its legendary players. Few of them were ever recorded, and in some cases all that’s left to posterity are stories about the nature of their music, their characters, or their colorful behavior. Here are several such stories.

On Jimmy Beariston, the fiddling barber of Kensington.

Told by Alvin Bernard

Told by Ivan Day

On Guy Boulter, master fiddler of southwestern Prince County

Told by Ervan Sonier

On Joe Pete Chaisson, a founder of the PEI Fiddlers’ Society

Told by Kevin Chaisson

On Neil Cheverie, winner of the Great Contest of 1926

Told by Omar Cheverie

On Mel Roddy MacPhee, noted fiddler from the North Side of Kings County

Told by Teresa MacPhee Wilson

On Jimmy Simmons, legendary fiddler from Cable Head

Told by Hilda MacPhee MacDonald

On Robert Weeks, who came in third at the Great Contest of 1926

Told by Judy Lowe